Timing Belts

Chain Service and Replacing The Timing Belt

To keep your engine running smoothly and safely, maintenance of the chain or timing belt is a must. If the timing belt or chain slip or break, it will be devastating to your vehicle’s engine.

Maintaining The Timing Belt and Knowing When to Get It Serviced

Signs there may be an issue with the timing belt:

  • The entire vehicle is shaking, due to poor idle
  • Engine has a hard start whether it is hot or cold
  • Edges of belt are split or frayed
  • Tensioner is squeaky
  • Tailpipe is emitting exhaust that is gray and dark

Timing Chain

Because you can’t see the timing chain on your vehicle, it is very important to let us know if you experience any of the following with your vehicle:

  • Gas mileage has gotten worse
  • Vehicle is shaking  because the engine is not firing properly
  • You hear unusual rattling or scraping sounds that seem to be coming from the engine

Timing Belt Replacement

After our technicians run all necessary tests and check the timing of your engine, they may discover it is time to replace the timing belt or chain.

There are different timing instruments for different vehicles. They aren’t all the same. Therefore, the time it takes to replace those parts depends on the vehicle and what timing belt or chain will be needed. You can expect timing chains to require a longer service time, simply because of where they are located on your vehicle.

At Precision Auto Repair, we take the time to explain every step to you along the way. After service is complete, we will make sure your engine is timed correctly, so your vehicle is at its best possible performance.

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