Fuel Injection Service

Providing Service For Your Fuel Injection System

To avoid poor gas mileage, a reduction in power, or even carbon build up, your vehicle’s fuel injection system needs attention in the form of regular maintenance and repairs. It is of utmost importance that your gasoline be distributed properly in your vehicle. The fuel injection system works by distributing fuel, which is then sprayed into the cylinder, creating combustion. Once the fuel is aerosolized, and combined with the airflow, spark plugs begin firing and the mixture is ignited. This pattern is the only way to avoid wasting fuel that isn’t being burned, and unhealthy conditions in your engine. That is why we provide excellent service and technicians for all of your fuel injection needs. We are here to keep your engine running smoothly.

Leave The Cleaning of Your Fuel Injection System To The Experts

We often clean our vehicles, but forget that some internal components, such as the fuel injector, need cleaning also. Unfortunately, you can’t just clean the fuel injectors as you would the rest of your car. That is where we come in. Our skilled technicians will get this job done, and make sure your vehicle’s fuel injecting system is thoroughly clean, by using cleaning products designed to do the job right. When done cleaning, we don’t just hand over your vehicle. First, our technicians will run tests to be certain it has been cleaned properly and completely, by paying close attention to pressure and performance. They will even take it for a drive to make sure everything is firing correctly, and the appropriate ratings are being met. Our skilled technicians will be able to tell if the cleaning wasn’t enough, and if further action is needed. Sometimes if there is enough build up, each fuel injector line will need to be cleaned separately. In this case, the lines will be removed from the engine, and soaked to dissolve residue. It may also be found that lines need to be replaced. No problem – we can do that. Your technician will explain every detail of what is going on and go over all costs for repairs, so you are never surprised. You have enough going on in life. We’ve got you covered.

When It Is Time To Repair or Replace Your Fuel Injecting System

If all of the cleaning has been accomplished, and tests have been run, and still your fuel injecting system is not running properly, it may be time for repairs or replacement. Our technicians will go over all of the possibilities with you, and help you to make the best decision when it comes to repairs and replacements. You can trust us to get your vehicle up and running properly, so you can focus on driving safely. Your family and safety are important to us, and we are proud to put our name behind our work.

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