Engine Repair

You NEED A Healthy Engine

To give your vehicle the best chance at running well for as long as possible, preventative maintenance, and necessary repairs are your best bet. Doing this will help your car, truck, or SUV run longer. Don’t trust your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs to just anyone. Come see the professionals at Precision Auto Repair, where you are guaranteed excellent, professional service.

Service for a Tune-Up

  • Professional Bosch Iridium spark plug installation*
  • Bosch Iridium spark plugs come with a lifetime warranty*
  • Thoroughly inspect each component of the engine
  • Properly set idle and timing

Replacement of Filters

  • Replace fuel filters
  • Replace air filters
  • Warranty for 6,000 miles/6 mos.*

 Service to clean your fuel system

  • Warranty for 12,000miles/12 mos.
  • Fuel system restoration to improve performance
  • Remove carbon deposits from fuel injector system

Maintenance to keep your engine at top performance

Don’t put off the maintenance of your engine. It is the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly. At Precision Auto Care, our factory-trained technicians are here to serve you with excellent service for all of your maintenance and repair needs. And while you are here we will also check the following important components of your vehicle, to make sure they are in top notch shape, and supporting the excellent performance of your engine:

  • Check distributor rotar and cap
  • Check filter of vapor canister
  • Change the oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • PCV (crankcase ventilation valve)
  • Fuel pump check
  • Check ignition module
  • Coil pack for ignition
  • Spark plug check
  • Check ignition wiring
  • Electronic diagnostics and sensors for engine
  • Check filter for crankcase vent
  • Check system for emissions control

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