Frequently Asked Questions

How old is my battery?

Every vehicle battery should come with the age stated on it…usually on the side of the battery. The date represents when the battery left the plant. Months are represented with a letter rather than a number. For example, January would be represented with the letter “A.” And the year is represented with a number. In other words, 2009 would just be a “9.” So January, 2009 would be A9 on your battery.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)…what are they?

You want a high CCA rating. This means your battery is at full capacity, delivering the best starting power to your engine.

What does Reserve Capacity (RC) mean ?

Have you ever listened to the radio in your vehicle, with the key turned off? Or used the lights inside your car while the engine is not running? If so, you were using the reserve capacity of your vehicle’s battery. We want your battery to have a high rating of RC, so you know it is safe to do these things.

Does my battery need to be replaced?

If you live in a cold climate, it is best to change your battery before your vehicle experiences its 4th winter. Vehicle batteries have to work much harder in the cold, therefore they may get worn out.

Why did my battery fail early?

Electrolyte loss accounts for over 50% of vehicle battery failures. Under hood heat and overcharging are the two major causes of electrolyte loss. Other common causes for vehicle battery failure include:

- You may have an alternator belt that is loose

- The hold down clamp may be loose (causes extra vibration)

- Lights may have accidentally been left on for too long

- The battery installed may have been the wrong size

- Battery or cables may be corroded

Can my vehicle be jumpstarted without a professional?

It sure can! You will need a friend’s vehicle with a charged battery and a set of jumper cables.Follow these steps to jumpstart your vehicle’s battery:

- Connect the positive  (+) jumper cable to the (+) terminal for the battery that is discharged in your vehicle.

-Connect the other (+) cable to the (+) terminal of the charged battery from the vehicle assisting you.

-Connect the negative (-) end of the cable to the (–)terminal of the battery which is assisting

-The final connection is connecting the (–) cable to the engine block of the vehicle that is stalled, placing it away from the battery.

-Start engine, then remove cables in reverse order of how you placed them


Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a limited warranty. We will give you credit toward a new battery if the battery fails after the period for free replacement has expired. We will determine credit based upon how many months you have owned the battery.

Can I get tires at your center?

Of course – We have competitive pricing and can help you choose the best tires for your vehicle and lifestyle. Your tires will be installed professionally and with the best, modern equipment.

Do repairs come with a warranty?

We offer a warranty which covers at a minimum, 24,000 mi./24 mos.

Can I pay with a credit card ?

We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Check, or Cash